The passport photo was taken shortly before Filiz Calayır’s departure from Turkey in 1979. She is wearing the “dirndl” her father had bought for her in the Tyrol.

Kindly loaned by Filiz Calayır

This letter cassette tape was addressed to Osman Arıkan, who came to work in Fulpmes in the Tyrol in 1972. The tape was recorded by his mother Ismi and his brother Ahmed, who was looking after Osman’s son in Uşak/Turkey in the meantime. They express thanks for the money transfer and assure Osman that all is well: “There is nothing to worry about.”

Kindly loaned by Selahatdin Arıkan

Letters to Merly Baumgartner née Tibang from her brother on the Philippines, her brother’s girl friend and her future husband Walter Baumgartner, 1978/79

Kindly loaned by Merly Baumgartner

In the summer, economic migrants would take a holiday in their respective home countries. The journey, with so many borders to cross, usually took several days.
Arif Yıldırım and his wife at the Bulgarian border on their way to Turkey, beginning of the 1990s

Originals in the posession of Arif Hüsein Yıldırım

The Stojaković family’s passports are a record of the many borders crossed with immigration checks, and applications for visas and work permits.

Kindly loaned by Mirjana Stojaković

In order to maintain contact, economic migrants kept their families supplied with photographs with writing on the reverse. The news communicated and the subjects of the photographs were meant to create a positive picture of their situation in Austria.

Kindly loaned by Nevin Genç and Abdulkadir Özdemir

Cassettes and records with Yugoslavian musicians.

Kindly loaned by Oliver Ranislavljević

When Lorenza Klotz née Lacson travelled to the Philippines on her first visit home in 1979, her family held a big party. Her father gave her this knife, whose handle he carved himself.

Kindly loaned by Lorenza Klotz