The objects on display in the exhibition were compiled by a collective summons set up throughout Tyrol and are kept in the documentation archive Migration Tirol - DAM.
Collecting postcards (PDF)

DAM Documentation Archive Migration Tyrol

In order to be able to write a history of migration, it requires a record of the past and a place where it will be preserved for posterity. For this purpose, the Documentation Archive Migration Tyrol is currently being set up - located at the Center for Migrants in Tyrol (ZeMiT), closely linked to the project " Cultures of memory" and financed by the Department of State Culture of Tyrol.

The aim of the Documentation Archive Migration Tyrol is to collect stories of migration in their various facets, to preserve them according to scientific standards and thus to contribute to an awareness of history and society. DAM works closely with universities, museums, archive and chronicle facilities in Innsbruck and the Tyrolean communities. As part of the Austrian Network for Migration History, it is also networked throughout Austria with archives and research institutions.


Dr. Gerhard Hetfleisch (Managing Director ZeMiT / Head DAM)
Mag.a Christina Hollomey-Gasser (ZeMiT)