Stories and memories of contemporary witnesses from Innsbruck and the surrounding area are to be found on this town plan. Innsbruck 1966/67

The wedding of Abdulkadir Özdemir and Seviv Evren in 1984 made the headlines in the "Tiroler Tageszeitung". Coffeehouses and club homes had been closed that day, many colleagues and friends came to the wedding.

Kindly Loaned by Abdulkadir Özdemir

The visitors book, with entries made by artists and visitors plus newspaper articles, provides a record of the activities of the Ararat café and gallery in Innsbruck starting in 2004.

Kindly loaned by Güner Sailer-Onurlu, Café Galerie Ararat

Entry in the guestbook of Café Ararat, Güner Sailer-Onurlu, caricatured by Paul Flora

Kindly loaned by Güner Sailer-Onurlu, Café Galerie Ararat

Arif Hüsein Yıldırım performed as a singer while still living in Turkey. In the Tyrol he gave concerts in the Kasenbacher coffee shop in Hall and elsewhere.

Kindly loaned by Arif Hüsein Yıldırım

Ali Bekir Özdemir and Kazim Kerpiç were present at the foundation of the Vatanspor football club in 1984, as reported in the local chronicle for Telfs.

Originals at Abdulkadir Özdemir, kindly loaned by Gemeinde Telfs