Article about checks on “guest worker” accommodation performed by the Austrian authorities, “Haller Lokalanzeiger”, 17.2.1978

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Nevin Genç had arrived in Imst and was taken to the residential accommodation by  Jenny & Schindler. Two days later, she let herself to be photographed in order to send the photo to the family as a reminder. The spoon that was used in the residential home for 17 years apparently belonged to the inventory since the 1940s.

kindly loaned by Nevin Genç

Items like this radio and iron are what Nevin Genç bought in 1972 when she started earning at Jenny & Schindler.

Kindly loaned by Nevin Genç

The Karaağaç family lived in Rosengasse in Telfs in the 1970s.

Originals in the posession of Dilek Tosun Karaağaç

Article on unacceptable living conditions in the homes of “guest workers” in the Innsbruck suburb of Hötting and critical letters to the editor

„Tiroler Tageszeitung“, 1970

The samovar on the left is a much used souvenir of the family in Turkey. It is still in use. The samovar on the right is a gift from Turkish economic migrants to their superior at Jenny & Schindler in Telfs.

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