compiled by Gerhard Hetfleisch


Amendment to the Citizenship Law: Under the terms of the amendment, legitimate and legitimised illegitimate children took the nationality of their father, while illegitimate children took the nationality of their mother. A requirement for Austrian nationality was renunciation of previous nationality and ten year’s legal residence in Austria.


Abolition of visa requirements between Turkey and Austria.


Abolition of visa requirements between the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (SFRY) and Austria.


System introduced without any legal basis for stamping the visas of foreign employees leaving the country with an “A” if entitled to work in Austria on their return (until 1988).


Amendment to Citizenship Act: legitimate children acquire Austrian nationality at birth if one parent is an Austrian national; illegitimate children acquire Austrian nationality at birth if the mother is an Austrian national.


Austria became a member of the European Union: legal right of abode in Austria for citizens of all EU countries. Turkey introduced the mavi kart (Blue Card): available on application to all former Turkish nationals living abroad who have acquired a different nationality. With the card, they retain significant civil rights relating to inheritance, ownership of real estate, unlimited right of abode, work permits and exemption from military service but not the right to vote. One effect of the law was a steep increase in the number of applications for Austrian citizenship made by Turkish nationals.


Aliens law package comprising a new Aliens Police Act, Asylum Act, Settlement and Residence Act and Citizenship Act with restrictive provisions leading to a rapid decrease in the numbers of applications for Austrian citizenship. Applications for residence permits have to be made abroad. Strategy by the name of “Integration WITH Migrants in Tyrol” presented by the Integration Office at the Tyrolean Regional Authority – the first Austrian regional authority to do so.


Amendment to the Citizenship Act: easier access to early naturalisation for migrants with a very good command of German.