The exhibit tells the stories of labor-migration in the 1960s and 1970s. 
The memories of eyewitnesses are told through their relationships with personal items which focus on social aspects of migration – in this way migration becomes a visible part of Tirol’s history. 
This exhibit provides a room for discussion, in which different experiences and perspectives can be heard:
What conditions did the migrants live in?
Were there opportunities to learn the language?
Which rooms were open for them; which were closed?
How did the so-called „Guest Workers“ and their families stay connected to their country of origin?  

At Home Here. Stories of Migration in the Tyrol
2nd June – 3rd December 2017
Museum of Tyrolean Regional Heritage

Abdulkadir Özdemir

Worker´s consultant, lives in Telfs.

Annemarie Dayan

Teacher, lives in Götzens.

Jusuf Huremović and Branislav Milutinović

Former chairmen of the organisation BRATSTVO, live in Innsbruck.

Filiz Calayır

Consultant at ZeMiT, lives in Innsbruck.

Güldane Gönül

Trained retail saleswoman, lives in Vomp.

Mara Ivkić

Former lens cementer at Swarovski Optik und kitchen assistant, lives in Innsbruck.

Clarita Rohrer and Merly Baumgartner

Former nursing auxiliaries, live in Innsbruck.

Walter Ambros

Former textile technician at Herrburger and Rhomberg, lives in Ellbögen.

Werner Bernhard and Franz Krismer

Former manager of tenement block and former personnel manager at Herrburger and Rhomberg, live in Absam respectively Innsbruck.

Hasan Yılmaz

A former fitter and politician at the Green Party Tyrol, lives in Innsbruck.

Helmut Kopp

The former mayor of Telfs township , lives in Telfs.

Nataša Maroševac

Employee of the School Counseling Center for Migrants at the Provincial Education Council of Tyrol, lives in Innsbruck.

Tuğba Şababoğlu

Student, lives in Telfs.

Wolfgang Reismann

Former local government officer, lives in Hall in Tirol.

Slavko Ivanović and Kata Ivanović,

Former employees at Herrburger and Rhomberg, with the daughter Sandra, consultant at ZeMiT, live in Innsbruck.

Güner Sailer-Onurlu

Self-employed restaurateur, lives in Innsbruck.


Mustafa Korkmaz

Trained carpenter and waiter, lives in Innsbruck.

Nevin Genç

Former employee at Jenny & Schindler in Imst, lives in Imst.

Dilek Tosun Karaağaç

Housewife, lives in Istanbul.

Dirk Rupnow

Historian and director of the Contemporary History Institute at the University of Innsbruck, lives in Innsbruck and Vienna.

Helena Pereña

Main curator of the Tyrolean State Museums, lives in Innsbruck.

Juliette Israël

Scenographer, lives in Munich.

Katharina Walter

Head of Visitor Communication at the Tyrolean State Museums, lives in Innsbruck.

Lisa Nussmüller and Andrea Moser

Research assistants at ZeMiT ,live in Birgitz and Innsbruck.

Sónia Melo and Christina Hollomey-Gasser

Coordinators of the project „Cultures of memory“ at ZeMiT, live in Tyrol.

Anna Horner

Research assistant at the Museum of Tyrolean Regional Heritage, lives in Innsbruck.

Erol Yıldız

Migration researcher and director of the Institute of Educational Studies at the University of Innsbruck, lives in Innsbruck.

Johann Gstir

Head of the Subject Integration at the Department of the Society and Labor of the State of Tyrol, lives in Innsbruck.

Karl C. Berger

Director of the Museum of Tyrolean Regional Heritage, lives in Flirsch.

Marcel Amoser

Research assistant at ZeMiT, lives in Innsbruck.

Gerhard Hetfleisch

Managing Director of ZeMiT, lives in Tyrol.

Bediha Yildiz and Ömer Yıldız

Consultant at ZeMiT and Facility Manager, live in Innsbruck.

Selahatdin Arıkan

Former cable railway technician, lives in Fulpmes.

Daniel Jarosch

Photographer, lives in Innsbruck

Mustafa Onay

Entrepreneur, lives in Innsbruck.


N. N.

Lives in Tyrol.


Do you have a migration story?